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Bunker Renovation Project

The Longshore Golf Course Bunker Improvement Project began September 12th!  The construction phase of this long awaited and exciting improvement to our golf course is finally here!!  The project will include the redesign, elimination and addition of bunkers for improved playability and maintenance, installation of bunker liners, and the installation of new sand.

Although we will be working closely with our architect, Doug Smith of Golf Design Unlimited, and Turco Golf Inc., our construction team, to minimize the impact to golfers, we will be providing discounted greens fees while construction is taking place Mondays through Fridays.  18 hole rates will be discounted $5, Mondays through Fridays and 9 hole rates will be discounted $2 Mondays through Fridays when work is being conducted on holes #1 through #9.

We appreciate your patience while we work to improve your golf experience here at Longshore!


 Friday, October 13, 2017 Update:

Holes #9, 12 & 13 are completed and sodded.
Hole #14 left side fairway sand bunkers (2 of them) and entire green complex are shaped and sod will be laid next Tuesday completing the majority of the hole. The right side fairway sand bunker is being shaped now and the entire hole will be sodded by the end of next week.
The remainder of Hole #7 is being shaped now and will be sodded next week.
Hole #8 will be shaped by the end of next week and possibly sodded.
That will complete holes #7, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 14 before the end of the month.
We will continue with holes #3 thru #6 (not in that order) as the next grouping followed by Holes #1 and #2.
The weather so far has been favorable. We hope that continues.

Douglas Smith,  A.S.G.C.A.



September 27th Update:

Longshore Golf Course Construction Update

Hole #12 will be completed before the weekend. All sand and sod will be installed by Friday, September 29th.

Hole #13 will be final shaped and the sod and sand will be installed next week.

All of hole #9 is being shaped at the present time. The hole should be completed by the end of next week with sand and sod.

Hole #14 is next after number nine. Hole #14 should be shaped by the end of next week also.

Holes #7 and #8 will be next after #14.

The weather so far has been great. It looks like it will continue into next week also.

Douglas Smith,  A.S.G.C.A.



Architect's Notes for Week 1:

The bunker renovation project has commenced.  I am very excited to be a part of this long overdue endeavor.  The assembled group of Westport’s Parks & Recreation staff, Brightview, Jon Janik, PGA, Turco Golf and the selected committee members of Longshore have been wonderful to work with.

We are starting with Holes #12 and #13 (in that order).  The golf course has been divided into 5 separate work zones.  Zone #1 comprises Holes #12 and 13.  The plan is then go to Zone 2 (#7, 8, 9 & 14), Zone 3 (#10, 11, 15 & 16), Zone 4 (#3, 4, 5 & 6) and conclude with Zone 5 (#1, 2, 17 & 18).

Next week (Sept. 18th-22nd) we will likely be completed with the shaping of both #12 and #13.  After the sand bunkers (and corresponding mounds and berms) are “shaped and approved” by the golf course architect, the drainage is then installed (both in and out of the sand bunkers).  It is then followed by the bunker blanket, sand placement, and sod.

All sand from the existing bunkers is being hauled to the area on Hole #18 on the far side of the fairway’s landing zone.  This hauled material will eventually be shaped into a large aesthetic berm as soon as the required amount is met.

There will always be a temporary green somewhere on the course during construction.  Hole #12 will likely remain as two par 3’s.  This will allow us to close an entire hole on any given (and approved) weekday and still be able to post a full 18-hole round.

The 5 zones described above are all weather dependent. This order is strictly a guide and may change circumstantially along the way.

- Doug Smith

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