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A beautiful week for golf at Longshore!

        The sun is shining here at Longhsore and the golf course is begging to be played! My staff and I have been focused on improving golf course conditions heading towards what looks like a fantastic weekend. Additional mowing of the greens this week followed by a light sand topdressing should help improve green speeds and firmness this week. The topdressing will fill in any inconsistencies in the turf, reducing friction for a more "true" roll. The topdressing will also reduce thatch accumulation and improve the overall vigor of the greens.   
         As the golf course dries, my staff and I will have to water during the afternoons. If you see any of my staff watering the greens, make sure they are aware of you before hitting your ball. Watering of the greens in the afternoon is usually very quick. Please be patient. It is important that we maintain adequate soil moisture and surface temperature on the greens to prevent injury. During the summer, excess water in the soil may cause disease. We like to keep the greens dry during the night and add water in the afternoon via hand watering. Watering in the summer is a necessary practice that keeps the greens healthy throughout the summer months. 
      I look forward to seeing all of you this week on the golf course. Feel free to speak to me anytime about concerns or questions regarding the course conditions. It continues to be a pleasure serving as your superintendent. 
Hit em straight!
Todd Salamone
Golf Course Superintendent

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